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Freefall: Florence: 'Crash' by DARKRISER-1080 Freefall: Florence: 'Crash' by DARKRISER-1080
Florence peeked out from behind the rock she had grabbed onto, when the shockwaves had sent everything flying. Below her was a large trail of upturned earth where the ship had skidded to a halt. Ahead of her was the ship itself.
The ship was a silvery blue, with 3 fins, one on top and one on either side. Two small engine ports were set an equal distance apart from the middle fin, and the nose of the ship, a blunt head-like protrusion, was pointed up in the air.
The ship had flown low in the sky, skimming the tops of the tall trees. Without warning, it dipped down towards the ground, and crashed into the earth, bouncing once before skidding to a halt.
Florence got out from her hiding place, approaching the ship. A large cargo bay door was set into the back, and as she neared, she heard a whirring sound, and the hydraulics in the door slowly pushed it down.
A silhouette of a man-sized figure appeared. It had a blue helmet with an antenna attached to the back, large, white eyes, an orange scarf, and a sheepish expression.
Florence recognized the figure immediately, and knew he was responsible for the crashed ship.

Freefall is Copyright (c) Mark Stanley, 1998-2010
eliander Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
heh that does sound like same. in fact he bet against his own safe landing before Florance fixed there ship.
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